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The Joy of Learning

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new marketing campaign: The Joy of Learning.

This vibrant and unique new marketing proposition communicates how we set children and young people up for success. The campaign is very much an embodiment of joy: using bright colours, striking imagery and snappy copywriting. You can’t help but see joy in these images.

Rector John O’Neill, said:

We are often asked what sets the High School apart and it’s incredibly hard to distil this into one thing. Yes, we have a track record of excellent exam results and pupils excelling in expressive arts or accomplishing sporting accolades; however, it’s about so much more than that. It’s incredibly hard to put a finger on it because it’s something intangible, a feeling when you walk through the corridors, a buzz in our daily assembly when the School comes together. Drop into any classroom at the Junior or Senior School and you’ll feel it. The best way to describe this feeling is joy: the genuine joy of learning is present everywhere and our new campaign illustrates this.”

Every day, teachers at the Junior School and Senior School create memorable moments to unlock the joy of learning. By unlocking this joy, a lifelong skill is established because there’s always knowledge to acquire, regardless of age. This creates children and young people with an insatiable appetite to absorb, understand, question and challenge. A gift for life.

The joy of learning helps pupils to uncover talents and discover things about themselves they didn’t know before. Teaching staff foster new found interests and inspire pupils to pursue them, raising their horizons.

The joy of learning is woven through the curriculum, from Kindergarten to Sixth Form. It aligns well with all stages: from those in formative years, to those sitting national examinations. By learning in this way and uncovering joy, complicated subjects are viewed through a prism of positivity. It builds a strong foundation from which to grow and this approach to education sets children and young people up for success: the School’s academic results attest to this.

Children, particularly those in younger year groups, intrinsically find joy and we nurture this. They are witnessing things for the first time and are learning new skills from scratch and the joy of learning taps into this natural mind-set.”Heather Fuller
Head Teacher of the Junior School


John O'Neill added:

It is a truism that in order to do well, one must be well. This maxim lies at the heart of the joy of learning, as children are more likely to achieve good results and excel in both extra-curricular pursuits and personal growth when they are happy, safe and encouraged. This is one of the cornerstones of The High School of Glasgow’s ethos.

Many speak about the importance of school preparing pupils for life but school isn’t a rehearsal for life, it is life! Life is happening right here, right now in our classrooms and corridors, pitches and pavilions. School years are some of the most important years in life and these should be full of joyful, nurturing learning opportunities where children are encouraged to try everything and discover who they really are and what they really like. The joy of learning communicates what we stand for at the High School: a place where we give children the chance to shine and we get results.”John O'Neill

For prospective families who would like to visit The High School of Glasgow, tours of the Senior School, Junior School and Kindergarten are available year-round.

Please get in touch with our Admissions Team on to arrange this.

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