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Support For Learning

Image of a teacher and Junior School pupil.

The SfL team are an integral part of our school, providing guidance to those who need it and ensuring that pupils of all abilities are fully supported in order to achieve their full potential.

Early recognition and intervention is pivotal in managing dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Our specialist teachers work to support children within the classroom setting, in small groups and individually.

Our dedicated Support for Learning (SfL) Department work with pupils, families and class teachers in order to optimise the learning potential of individuals requiring support, developing strategies for them to succeed within both our Junior and Senior Schools.

We pinpoint an individual's strengths and preferred strategies for learning, therefore helping to create the perfect environment for their learning. In identifying learning differences through screening and consultation processes, pupils identified as having additional needs will benefit from the support of our SfL team, in conjunction with class teachers, to enhance their learning experience.

Pastoral Care

The physical and mental wellbeing of pupils is at the heart of everything that we do.

Find out more about pastoral care within our Junior School and Senior School settings.

Teachers are issued with individual pupil learning profiles that offer advice on strategies to aid pupils, while the team also work closely with our pastoral staff to ensure that every aspects of our pupils' needs are addressed and managed with patience and great care. Our Support for Learning bases, located in the heart of our Junior and Senior Schools, are staffed by full time specialist teachers with extensive experience of working with children who have specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia or those who are on the autistic spectrum.

The Senior School team generally work with pupils within their subject classrooms but also provide support on targeted work or study skills outwith class time. Junior School SfL staff also work within classrooms, as well as from dedicated support areas located throughout the school.

During periods of assessment and exams at our Senior School, Support for Learning staff ensure that pupils, where required, receive the appropriate support. The department is therefore heavily involved in Additional Assessment Arrangements (AAA) for the SQA, ensuring that any pupils with additional support needs have access to appropriate arrangements in order to complete the assessment without compromising its integrity.