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Young Musicians of the Year 2022

The Summer Term features a number of highlights: from Sports Day and Prizegiving, to dances and school trips. One of the biggest highlights without question is the Young Musicians of the Year Final.

Back in front of a live audience for the first time since the pandemic, our performers dazzled with their exceptional musical talents.

The first part of the evening featured vocal solos from four Senior 6 pupils: Tanvi, Catriona, Aarya and Annabel who each performed two songs ranging from Bach to Rodgers & Hammerstein. The stage presence and vocal skills displayed by each of our young singers was truly breath-taking.

Guest adjudicator, Wilma MacDougall, had the hard task of deciding the ultimate winner of the evening which saw Aarya awarded The Nadine Livingstone Award for the Young Singer of the Year, for her rendition of 'Romance' by C. Debussy and 'Fairy Lullaby' by A. Beach. Wilma commented on Aarya’s ability to bring the pieces to life with both her technical ability and performance, leaving the audience hanging on every note.

Next up, guests were treated to four instrumental performances: Danny’s (S6) dexterity was jaw-dropping as he made the marimba come alive in a sophisticated piece by N. Rosauro. Patrick (S5) played a moving 'Aria for Alto Saxophone and Piano' from E. Bozza. NYOS Symphony Orchestra member Helena (S6) displayed extraordinary skill while performing 'Violin Concerto in G minor (1st movt.)' by M. Bruch. And finally, Aarya (S6) took to the stage for a second time playing I. Clarke’s 'Hynopsis' on the flute – a performance true to the song’s title.

The instrumental guest adjudicator, Will Conway, complimented all the young performers on their talents beyond their years and discussed how nerves never go away when performing and are instead to be used as a companion to fuel a performance. The winner of The Fraser MacAulay Award for the Young Instrumentalist of the Year was awarded to Patrick for his moving alto saxophone performance.

The future of HSOG musical talent was shining bright during the evening, with two recitals from Landi (S2) who, earlier this session, won the Rising Stars competition for both the instrumental and vocal categories. He played 'Air (No. 3) from Suite for piano' by H. HopeKirk and commanded the room when singing Mozart’s 'An Chloe, K. 524'.

The evening also provided a chance for recipients of The Peter Douglas Award for the Instrumental Ensemble of the Year to perform. The Saxophone Quartet made up of Patrick (S5) on soprano saxophone, Theo (S1) on alto saxophone, Scarlet (S4) on tenor saxophone and Sandy (S5) on baritone saxophone, played 'Premier Quatuor Op. 53 (Andante-Allegro)' by J.B. Singelee.

And finally, vocal trio Annabel, Aarya and Tanvi, performed their winning song 'Three Little Maids from School' from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado which earned them The Peter Douglas Award for the Vocal Ensemble of the Year.

Commenting on the evening, Rector John O’Neill, said:

Of all of the restrictions COVID brought, being unable to host musical performances in the School was by far the hardest restriction of all. The High School prides itself on the musical talents of our pupils and staff and there is no replacement to performing in front of a live audience.

For our young musicians, being able to work towards this evening, perfect their art and step out under the lights in front of an audience is an experience that can’t be replicated. The School really comes alive when music can be heard in the halls and corridors, and pride and awe filled the Assembly Hall to its rafters during the competition as we enjoyed each performance from our Young Musicians of the Year. I must commend each and every one of our finalists who astounded us all with their talents. And especially well done to Aarya and Patrick, our Young Singer and Young Instrumentalist of the Year 2022.

And finally, this incredible evening wouldn’t be possible without our Music Department. Our team of music teachers led by Mrs Sarah Stuart, Director of Music, inspire our pupils each and every day to continuously improve and reach their full potential.”


Some images from an exemplary evening of music-making can be seen below.

Young Musicians of the Year Final 2022