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SQA Exam Results 2021

The School is delighted to be able to report an impressive set of SQA results for session 2020-21.

The school session of 2020-21 was unquestionably a year of significant challenge for all pupils, teachers and families. For our S4-S6 pupils and their teachers there was also the added reality of a changing landscape in SQA assessment due to the national adoption of the Alternative Certification Model.

However, as reflected in the excellent SQA results recorded below, the resilience, hard work and dedication demonstrated by pupils over the session, aided, as they were, by the supportive commitment, professionalism and expertise of their teachers and the care and understanding of their families, has deservedly won through.

Pupils deserve rich congratulations on their SQA achievements, and our teachers deserve our gratitude.

This set of exceptional results also reflect the importance of the positive and supportive relationships between pupils, teachers and parents, which whilst a central feature of the High School ethos over the years, undoubtedly came to the fore in 2020-21."

John O'Neill



At Higher, where our open presentation policy once again saw all pupils sit 5 Highers or more, pupils achieved on average 4.94 Higher passes each. 94.2% of passes were grade A and B with 87.2% at A Grade.

The overall pass rate at Higher was 97.9%, with 73 pupils gaining 5 or 6 Highers at Grade A.

National 5

Fourth Year secured a very strong 98% pass rate at National 5; with 85.2% at A Grade.

60 pupils secured 8 or 9 Grade A passes in all exams.

Advanced Higher

At Advanced Higher, our Sixth Year achieved a 94.8% pass rate, with 70.1% at Grade A.

38 pupils gained 3 or 4 Grade A passes.