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Sensational Summer of Sport!

The annual Junior and Senior School Sports Days went off with a bang as our young athletes enjoyed some competitive action at Old Anniesland.

With the end of term in sight, our Junior and Senior Sports Days act as one of the highlights of the Summer Term.

The Senior event displayed the impressive sporting prowess present amongst our older pupils in sprint racing, hurdling, long distance tests of endurance, a variety of field events and some hard fought tug-of-war battles.

The following day, on their visit to the Senior campus, Junior School pupils also exhibited formidable athletic ability, enjoying fun races that saw them balancing objects on their head, rope skipping from the start to finish line and bouncing their way to victory on space hoppers! And what kind of Sports Day would be complete without the classic egg-and-spoon race!

Well done to all on an extraordinary few days of sporting action!

Director of PE and Sport, Mr Phil Smith commented:

My congratulations go to all those who participated at both our Junior and Senior Sports Day events. There really was some fantastic energy, talent and commitment on display and it is a credit to our pupils to see how competitive a few days of sporting action we've witnessed at Old Anniesland."


You can find the full results from our Junior and Senior events below, as well as a collection of images from an energetic few days of sport!

Senior School Results

Senior Sports Day 2022

Senior Prizes Senior Individual Championships
Mile Cup - Boys

Finlay Ross Davie (S6)

Transitus Boys 
  1. Finlay MacLean
  2. Ben Hodges
  3. Uchenna Ugwu
Mile Cup - Girls

Anya Maclean (S6)

Transitus Girls
  1. Amber Murison
  2. Emily Stevenson
  3. Riya Swadi
S3 Girls' Hurdles Cup (Presented by Mrs M G Jefferies)

Libby MacFadyen

First Year Boys
  1. Jamie McDonald
  2. Conor Owen
  3. Finlay Gillespie
S3 Girls' Throwing Cup (Presented by Mrs B A Bell)

Hazel Murison

First Year Girls
  1. Layla Rowlands
  2. Luisa Cartwright
  3. Brodie McAnkrah
Pentland Quaich (Senior Boys’ 100m)

Findlay Rayner (S6)

Second Year Boys
  1. Henry Zhang
  2. Luc Cooper
  3. Ben Provan / James Alexander
The Former Pupils Cup (Senior Boys’ 200m)

Findlay Rayner (S6)

Second Year Girls
  1. Beth Campbell
  2. Olivia McKnight
  3. Eva Stirling
The Scott Cup (Senior Girls’ Hurdles)

Olivia Simmers (S5)

Third Year Boys
  1. James Clark
  2. Robbie Stevenson
  3. Fergus Mitchell
Discus Statue

Ben De Laet Gamble (S4)

Third Year Girls
  1. Libby MacFadyen
  2. Heather Nicolson
  3. Kiri Dalkin
Senior Girls' Athletic Salver (Senior Girls’ Throwing Events)

Amy Ashton (S5)

Senior Boys
  1. Maxwell Wang (S6)
  2. Findlay Rayner (S6)
  3. Zu An Chen (S4)
The Millenium Rose Bowl (Senior Girls’ 100m)

Olivia Simmers (S5)

Senior Girls
  1. Kirsty Wicklow (S5)
  2. Olivia Simmers (S5)
  3. Maria Murio Fernandez (S5)
Burma Bowl (Senior Boys’ Field Events)

Maxwell Wang (S6)



Junior School Results

Junior School Sports Day 2022

Junior Individual and Team Events
Junior 5 Boys
  1. Charlie McConechy 
  2. Max Franks / Sebastian Stevenson 
Junior 5 Girls 
  1. Ruby Warren
  2. Hollie Harvie 
  3. Juliette Haxton 
Junior 6 Boys
  1. Ethan Reid 
  2. Jacob Stalin
  3. Matthew Lumsden
Junior 6 Girls 
  1. Daisy Cooper 
  2. Bayley McAnkrah 
  3. Emma Wilson 
Relay Trophy (Boys and Girls)
  1. Campbeltown
  2. Lizard
  3. Longhope / Broughty Ferry
Overall Winning Ships
  1. Lizard
  2. Longhope
  3. Campbeltown
  4. Broughty Ferry