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Gold medals won in British Biology Olympiad 2022

Two Sixth Year pupils finished within the top 5% of the UK to win gold medals in the 2022 British Biology Olympiad competition.

28 High School pupils from across Fifth and Sixth Year took part in this nation-wide, advanced problem solving competition for A Level students. The Olympiad challenges those with an interest in Biology to expand their talents via two multiple choice papers sat online under exam conditions. Pupils were presented with topics and ideas which they were not familiar with, testing both their problem solving skills and their understanding of core Biology principles.

With more than 10,000 students from 700 schools across Great Britain taking part this year, congratulations should go to the top performing High School participants, Annabel and Danny (both S6), who won gold medals for their impressive performances, meaning they scored within the top 5% of all participants.

Well done, too, to Molly (S5) who performed extremely well to win a bronze medal; Scott, Polly and Sadiq (all S5), who were highly commended; and Mhairi (S6), Rumaysa, Maryam, Eilidh, Amelia, Rory and Emily (all S5), who received commendations.

Mr Martin Dougall, Head of Biology said:

This is a great achievement by our pupils, especially considering the questions are based on the A level syllabus which is significantly different from the Scottish education system. It illustrates their deep level of understanding of Biology and their ability to apply this knowledge in a pressured environment.”