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LGBT Charter

The High School of Glasgow is proud to be an inclusive and diverse school. As stated in our school’s values, we are wholly committed to always being outward, open and accepting, with unconditional positive regard for every individual within our care.

We have a long-standing and steadfast commitment to ensuring that all pupils feel safe and welcome in our school. We are currently undertaking the LBGT Youth Scotland chartership programme at the Silver accreditation level.

The LGBT Charter programme has been developed to support schools to undertake training and review policies, practice and resources to ensure that they meet legislative needs and provide an inclusive environment where all LGBT+ learners, staff and parents/carers feel safe, supported and included.

The GSA  

The School has a Gender and Sexuality Alliance group that meets weekly on Monday lunchtimes in T10. This group is run by Miss Cranie and Dr Fairweather, and is open to all pupils as a safe and welcoming space for LGBT+ pupils and allies.

This is a space to talk, listen, plan events and contribute to our chartership journey.


Any pupil seeking support in school or wanting to raise any issues or concern relating to LGBT+ topics is welcome to talk to Mr Graham, Miss Cranie, Dr Fairweather, or a member of the House team.

Help, support and further information for pupils and parents can also be found via the following links:

Sixth Year

Senior School

The final step on the High School journey, with opportunities to enhance and showcase leadership skills.

Sixth Year

Health and Wellbeing

Senior School

Prioritising the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff to create a positive and productive environment for all.

Health & Wellbeing