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Leadership Development

Image of the 2021-22 School Captains outside Glasgow Cathedral.

Sixth Year provides a wealth of leadership opportunities through which our pupils take on important responsibilities, grow in confidence, and hone the practical skills needed to lead successfully in life beyond school.

Our Captains' Committee play a pivotal role as figureheads for the School, leading from the front and acting as examples for all other senior pupils.

With pupils, teaching staff, House staff and our Senior Leadership Team all contributing to the Rector’s appointment of our Captains’ Committee, these prestigious leadership roles are fulfilled by pupils who have shown an outstanding commitment to the ethos and values of the School.

Our two School Captains and eight House Captains receive support as they take on their duties to ensure a stretching and rewarding year of leadership development. They represent the School on a daily basis at assemblies and at a broad range of school events throughout the session, while also acting as outstanding role models for our younger pupils. House Captains also play a key role in organising House fundraising weeks.

Leadership development is for all Sixth Year pupils, so every member of the year group has the opportunity to become a Prefect.

Like our Captains' Committee, Prefects make a significant contribution to the day-to-day life of the School, performing duties such as supervising lunch sittings and playground areas, helping Transitus and First Year settle into the Senior School by acting as Form Prefects, and supporting whole school events such as our annual Commemoration and Thanksgiving Service. Through the House System, all Prefects also act as a Buddy to new pupils joining the School. Collectively, the Captains' Committee, Prefects and our entire Sixth Year cohort have a crucial responsibility within the Senior School setting. Acting as upstanding role models, they are always there for younger pupils, helping them to feel comfortable, happy and settled in their surroundings.

With sport occupying an important place in the life of the School, our many teams also provide a context for Sixth Year leadership development in the form of Sport Captains. Again, PE Staff offer support and advice to those selected to build the confidence and key leadership skills that are applicable in a wide range of settings in school and beyond.

There are many areas of school life where leadership development is supported through peer-elected committees that play a shaping role in important aspects of the social side of the Sixth Year experience, including The Common Room, Yearbook and Dance Committees. These committees represent the views of the whole year group and allocate resources for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Sixth Year

Senior School

The final step on the High School journey, with opportunities to enhance and showcase leadership skills.

Sixth Year

Health and Wellbeing

Senior School

Prioritising the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff to create a positive and productive environment for all.

Health & Wellbeing