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House System

Image of our the High School of Glasgow Senior School House mascots on the Old Anniesland playing fields

Our House system plays a key role in the organisation of pastoral care, providing every pupil with support and guidance - a family within the school setting.

Upon joining the Senior School, Transitus pupils are enrolled into one of four Houses - Bannerman, Clyde, Law or Moore - each led by a Head and Assistant Head of House, alongside two Sixth Year House Captains.

From day one, our House teams are on hand to ensure that new pupils have the best possible start to Senior School life - we want our pupils to immediately feel right at home. One of the first events new Transitus pupils enjoy is our House games afternoons at the beginning of each session. Transitus and S1 pupils have the chance to get together, play games and have some fun, while Sixth Year prefects introduce themselves, answering any questions our younger pupils may have in order to help them settle in to Senior School life.

Pupils have the chance to come together regularly during House Assemblies, with discussion of upcoming events and future fundraising plans high on the agenda!



Our House system bridges the gap between family and school life, creating a strong sense of belonging amongst pupils and invoking a healthy competitive spirit between our Houses! Nowhere is this more evident than during our House fundraising weeks. 

Each House decides upon a charity that they feel passionately about before organising a fun-filled five days packed with sweet treats, fun activities and exciting events that appeals to our community's participative spirit. Each House aims to raise as much money as they possibly can for their chosen cause.

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Looking after each and every individual

Our House system ensures that every individual is taken care of with the utmost level of care and concern. If any pupil is feeling lost, has any anxieties or is simply in need of a chat, our House staff are there to help.

Our warm-hearted community work together to ensure that every pupil is supported and happy. Teaching staff, Support for Learning staff and our Senior School Nurse centralise any individual pupil concerns or matters with our House teams, who then work with sensitivity in order to understand the full story and map out the required steps towards dealing with any problem.

We want to make sure that every child feels welcomed and cared for; that every child has someone they can turn to throughout their time in school. As a Housemaster, I worked with pupils from Transitus (P7) all the way through to Sixth Year, so I was able to learn about individuals' strengths and point them in the right direction if they were feeling lost.

I think having someone constant in a child’s life at school is vital. The teenage years can be challenging - It is the job of the Head of House to foster a sense of belonging so that all pupils are supported, encouraged and have the right tools to succeed.Mr Philip Ford,
Former Bannerman Housemaster

Health and Wellbeing

Senior School

Prioritising the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff to create a positive and productive environment for all.

Health & Wellbeing

Charitable & Community Work

Senior School

Giving back to those in need through vital fundraising and regular charitable efforts.