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Captains and Prefects

As the most senior members of our pupil body, Sixth Year pupils take on the crucial responsibility of helping to lead the School, in turn, gaining confidence and growing their leadership skills.

Our Captains' Committee play a pivotal role as figureheads for the School, leading from the front and acting as examples for all other senior pupils.

The committee of two School Captains and four pairs of House Captains are selected via a process where members of staff and all of the new Sixth Year cohort vote for their peers. These votes, along with input and guidance from House staff, result in the final selection of the Captains’ Committee by our Senior Leadership Team and appointment by the Rector. As is tradition, these appointments for the new session are announced at Senior Prizegiving.

Our Captains are Sixth Year pupils who have shown an outstanding commitment to the ethos and values of the School and who have earned the respect of their peers and staff. They represent the School in daily assemblies, aid our SLT at School events and act as a positive role model for all pupils.

All Sixth Year pupils also have the opportunity to show leadership and assist in the day-to-day running of the School by becoming Prefects. Like our Captains' Committee, Prefects make significant contributions to the life of the School and their House.

Prefects have various responsibilities throughout the School including chairing committees, performing duties such as supervising lunch sittings and playground areas, helping Transitus and First Year settle into the Senior School by acting as Form Prefects, and supporting whole School events such as our Annual Commemoration and Thanksgiving Service. All Sixth Year pupils also act as a buddy to new pupils joining the School.

Collectively, the Captains' Committee, Prefects and our entire Sixth Year cohort have a crucial responsibility within the Senior School setting. Acting as upstanding role models, they are always there for younger pupils, helping them to feel comfortable, happy and settled in their surroundings.

Sixth Year

Senior School

The final step on the High School journey, with opportunities to enhance and showcase leadership skills.

Sixth Year

Health and Wellbeing

Senior School

Prioritising the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff to create a positive and productive environment for all.

Health & Wellbeing