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Pastoral Care

Image of Senior School female pupil sitting amongst greenery and flowers in the Art Courtyard.

We have an unwavering commitment to placing the wellbeing of pupils and staff at the heart of our educational provision, ensuring a welcoming environment for children to learn in.

Our Senior School is a special place to spend each day, a place in which every child feels safe, respected, highly valued and unconditionally supported.

The emotional health of each pupil is our priority. Our substantive pastoral support system provides pupils with positive tools and comprehensive strategies with which to deal with issues, while individual support and guidance is offered through our established House System.

This system creates a bridge between home and school life, with House staff being the first point of contact should a parent need to discuss matters involving their child. Our House teams work closely with pupils, encouraging discussion, maintaining support plans and helping to organise team activities.

Senior School pastoral care is led by Deputy Head Teacher, Mr Philip Graham. He works closely with House staff, our dedicated Support for Learning team and Senior School Nurses, to ensure the continued physical and mental wellbeing of all individuals in our care.

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House System

Senior School

The key to our pastoral care, providing pupils with support and guidance - a family within the school setting.

House system

Health and Wellbeing

Senior School

Creating a positive, welcoming and productive environment for all by protecting the wellbeing of pupils and staff.

Health & Wellbeing

Leadership Development

Senior School

Further developing leadership skills and setting the standard for the entire pupil body.

Leadership Development