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The early move for our Primary 7 cohort to a Senior School setting enables pupils to have access to greater subject choices and to our specialist subjects teachers and facilities.

Alongside Senior 1, Transitus year acts as one of the main entry points to our Senior School setting.

Transitus pupils gain a head start on the curriculum whilst enjoying the opportunity to spend an extra year discovering the subjects they love and are passionate about.

We believe that this move from a Junior to Senior School setting engenders maturity and independence amongst our young learners, helping them to discover their passion within a safe and supportive environment.

The move to our Senior School environment is supported via a robust House System, our Sixth Year Buddy scheme and the reassuring and nurturing nature of our Senior School staff.

The Benefits of a Transitus Year

Transitus pupils enjoy...

  • A timetable of twelve subjects with a mix of rotational lessons including Business Management, Drama, Health and Food Technology, Mindfulness and Modern Studies.
  • A Form Class with whom Transitus pupils will spend the majority of their week, moving together between classes and subject, with all their pastoral needs overseen by a Transitus Form Teacher.
  • A Sixth Year 'buddy' whose job it is to look out for our youngest pupils, answer any questions they may have and generally help them settle in to their first year at Senior School.
  • Two Sixth Year Form Prefects, assigned to each Transitus Form Class, who spend mornings and lunchtimes getting to know pupils, lending a helping hand and taking care of any issues or concerns Transitus pupils may have.
  • Moving from a Junior School 'Ship' to a Senior School 'House' - Every Transitus pupil is allocated to a House which becomes like their family, with constant support from a Head of House and our Sixth Year Captains' Committee. Transitus pupils relish the opportunity to take part in regular House events including our famous fundraising weeks, inter-House sports and exciting educational trips.
  • The opportunity to take part in weekly games afternoons as well as competing in Saturday morning sports including rugby, hockey and cricket.​

Where Next?

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