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Sixth Year

Offering our most senior pupils an an enjoyable and engaging conclusion to school life, whilst preparing them for the rigours of higher education.

One of the key features of our Sixth Year offering is the variety of courses that are available to pupils and, to a considerable extent, the ability for timetables to be tailored to their individual needs.

Pupils have the option to challenge themselves in a range of subjects at Higher or Advanced Higher level, developing independent studying skills in preparation for entering the world of Higher Education.

This is a crucial time for our leavers - a time for self-appraisal and self-development for maturing minds, a time where the support of our teaching staff its more important than ever.

Our Careers Department work in tandem with S6 pupils and the Head of Sixth Year to assist with advice, information and support on crucial decisions regarding university or college courses.

A Liberal Studies course, meanwhile, provides support in producing a CV, preparing for interviews and developing inter-personal skills. Being able to present oneself on paper and in person is crucial - part of the S6 course, therefore, is structured around the aim of instilling confidence in our leavers and helping them gain knowledge of their strengths.

Sixth Year isn't simply all preparation for further study. Pupils can also participate in Short Courses that are available for the enjoyment and academic enrichment of our S6 cohort. These modules touch on a number of areas, from the study of Roman Archaeology and Civilisation, Classical Greek and Japanese for Beginners, to DofE Leadership, Media Studies and Digital Media Photography.

Their Sixth Year experience is further enriched by a weekly Lecture Series that sees industry experts, including a number of former pupils of the School, visit to discuss contemporary issues within their field. Over the past few years, pupils have enjoyed the company of distinguished guests including Principal of the University of Glasgow, Sir Anton Muscatelli, BBC Sports presenter, Hazel Irvine, Scottish novelist, Chris Brookmyre, comedian, Karen Dunbar and leading tech entrepreneur, Chris van Der Kuyl CBE.

Pupils spend the final few weeks of their school career participating in an exciting and invigorating Leavers' Course, the perfect ending to their time at the School. Following the stresses of SQA examinations, Sixth Year pupils relish the chance to participate in a number of fun activities with friends, punctuated by our famous 'mystery trip' prior to Senior Prizegiving.

Captains and Prefects

Senior School

As the most senior members of our pupil body, Sixth Year pupils take on the crucial responsibility of helping to lead the school, in turn, gaining confidence and growing their leadership skills.

Captains & PRefects


Senior School

Providing support to pupils, shaping their ambitions for the future and preparing them for life beyond the School.