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Physical Education

Developing both mental and physical strength to provide every child with a platform for success.

Physical education and sport plays an important role in the development of children at our Senior School. The developmental and emotional benefits that come from participating in sport and the skills learnt from the teachers of our PE Department can be transferred both to the classroom setting and beyond.

PE is a popular part of the weekly timetable, with pupils involved in games sessions, after school and weekend team sports, promoting the many positives of physical fitness.

The department offers pupils with experiences that, while primarily enjoyable, also challenge and push our pupils, enabling opportunities for improvement while working to the School's values, traditions and ethos.

The PE Department ethos is based around respect, humility and honesty. In return, we ask that our pupils display responsibility for their learning by giving their best every time they are with us.

From Transitus through to Fifth Year, pupils receive a mixture of indoor and outdoor Physical Education lessons that can be in the form of single or double periods, as well as participating in afternoon games sessions.

Pupils learn a variety of sports and activities throughout their time at the School, sampling a wide choice of individual and team sports from Transitus year that includes the likes of basketball, netball, orienteering, gymnastics and general fitness.

First Year and Second Year becomes more focussed, with athletics, cricket, cross country, hockey, rugby, swimming and tennis taking precedent during PE and games. Meanwhile, the addition of sports such as netball, rowing and volleyball, allows pupils increased choice in their learning during double period of games throughout Third, Fourth and Fifth Year.

Activities vary throughout the year and tend to run on a six week rotational basis, with the exception of afternoon games sessions which focus on hockey (girls), rugby (boys) throughout the autumn and spring terms, and athletics, cricket and tennis during the summer term.


There are many talented sports men and women at The High School who dedicate significant time and effort to their chosen activities.

Sixth Year provides those who wish to pursue the subject further with the opportunity to certify their training through a Higher Physical Education course, offering seven periods per week that blend practical and academic lessons. Candidates investigate all facets of performance to both improve as individuals and assist peers, while gaining certification in the subject.

Learners have the opportunity to improve their own health and wellbeing while developing, demonstrating and evaluating performance. They use evaluation and analysis to develop and apply strategies that allows them to build on, and enhance their own sporting performance, as well as assisting others. The course is assessed equally between personal performance and an external examination.

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