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Exam Top Tips

17 January 2020

With our Senior pupils in the midst of their prelim exams, we wanted to share our 10 Top Tips on handling exam and study stress. 


Top Tip 1

Plan your study schedule. 

Don't leave everything until the night before, make sure you give yourself enough time to go over the relevant information. Break your revision down into small chunks, and form a plan. Once you've got a plan, you won't have any more dilemmas at the start of the day about what to work on.


Top Tip 2

Take regular breaks from studying - your brain needs a rest. 

Get away from the books and take 20- 30 minutes to let your brain recharge, if that means going a walk, going to the gym, playing your instrument or just watching TV. A break every couple of hours will help you focus and remember more. 

Why not join our Tuesday lunchtime Mindfulness Class in A8 at 1.25pm


Top Tip 3

Get enough sleep.

Don't stay up all night cramming from exams, your brain will be tired and unproductive late at night. Go to bed and start again refreshed in the morning. For your body's best performance get at least 8/9 hours sleep. 


Top Tip 4

Get support!

Asking for help is never shameful. If you are worried about exams, talk about it. Speak to a teacher, to Mrs Sim, your Housemaster or anyone you feel comfortable talking to. 


Top Tip 5

Make sure you are having a healthy balanced diet and drink lots of water!

Keep good blood sugars level to avoid highs and lows of energy, by eating slow-release foods like bread, rice, pasta, fruit and veg. Keeping yourself hydrated with water is vital to keeping your brain working and concentration levels up. 


Top Tip 6

Remember to breathe.

Feeling anxious before or during an exam, take a couple of minutes, close your eyes and breathe. Use mindfulness techniques to help calm your body and brain down before you rationally begin again. 


Top Tip 7

Pace yourself.

The allocated time for exams should allow you to complete the paper, however if you get stuck at one section don't panic! Move on, do what you can do and if you have time at the end go back to the questions you got stuck with. 


Top Tip 8

Be positive! 

You have put in the hard work, you know this! Take your time, read the question and be positive. 


Top Tip 9

Try your best - it's all you can do! 

You might not think exams are your strong point, but if you have put in the hard work, stay calm and do your best then you should leave with your head held high no matter what the result.


Top Tip 10

Avoid the exam "post-mortem”. 

You don’t need to know how other people fared in the exam. You’ve done your best, you can’t go back and change your answers so the second you step out of the exam hall, focus on your next exam.



Good Luck to all our pupils sitting exams. 

Remember, we are here if you need us!

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