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Summer Sports Days 2024

Summer Sports Days 2024

The Summer Term reached a sporting crescendo with the Junior and Senior School Sports Days taking place at Old Anniesland in mid-June.

An undoubted highlight of the School year, our Sports Days see hundreds of young athletes compete for prizes in a number of fun events.

Junior School Sports Day on Thursday 13th June saw our younger sportspersons demonstrate their athletic prowess, with races that showcased their ability to balance objects on their head, rope skip from start to finish and even bounce their way to victory on colourful space hoppers! What a great day all of our boys and girls enjoyed - Congratulations to Longhope, who were the overall winning ship!

The Senior Sports Day took place the following week, on Wednesday 19th June, at a frenetic Old Anniesland. While there were plenty of fun events, including the ever-spirited tug-of-war battle, senior pupils also embraced the competitive spirit, with a number of titles and trophies to be won on the day in a variety of field events, sprint and distance races. You can find out who won what below! 

Well done to all on an exciting few days of sporting action!


You can find the full results from our Junior and Senior events below, as well as galleries of images from an energetic few days of sport!

Senior School

Senior School Sports Day 2024

Senior Prizes Senior Individual Championships
Mile Cup - Boys

James A (S4)

Transitus Boys 
  1. Rhys F
  2. Sebastian S
  3. Sorley G / Harry M
Mile Cup - Girls

Emily B (S4)

Transitus Girls
  1. Ellie M
  2. Erin A
  3. Chloé C / Hollie H
S3 Girls' Hurdles Cup (Presented by Mrs M G Jefferies)

Layla R

First Year Boys
  1. Isaac A
  2. Carter D L-G
  3. Maxwell Z
S3 Girls' Throwing Cup (Presented by Mrs B A Bell)

Freya M

First Year Girls
  1. Daisy C
  2. Jessica M
  3. Leah N
Pentland Quaich (Senior Boys’ 100m)

Robbie S (S5)

Second Year Boys
  1. Ben H
  2. Kelvin Z
  3. David B
The Former Pupils Cup (Senior Boys’ 200m)

Robbie S (S5)

Second Year Girls
  1. Amber M
  2. Mimi T
  3. Emily S
The Scott Cup (Senior Girls’ Hurdles)

Jenni B (S4)

Third Year Boys
  1. Finlay G
  2. Finlay H
  3. Rory D-W
Discus Statue

Ben D L-G (S6)

Third Year Girls
  1. Luisa C
  2. Anna C
  3. Layla R
Senior Girls' Athletic Salver (Senior Girls’ Throwing Events)

Georgia R (S6)

Senior Boys
  1. James C (S5)
  2. Harry P (S6)
  3. Ben D L-G (S6)
The Millenium Rose Bowl (Senior Girls’ 100m)

Beth C (S4)

Senior Girls
  1. Beth C (S4)
  2. Libby M (S5)
  3. Georgia R (S6)
Burma Bowl (Senior Boys’ Field Events)

James C (S5)

Inter-House Championship Shield

Law House


Junior School

Junior School Sports Day 2024

Junior Individual and Team Events
Junior 5 Boys
  1. Alexander F
  2. Sandy M
  3. Joel B / Jackson C / Fergus T
Junior 5 Girls 
  1. Katie P
  2. Ella M
  3. Susanna R
Junior 6 Boys
  1. Ruairidh G
  2. Adam A
  3. Jack S
Junior 6 Girls 
  1. Charlotte M
  2. Isha R
  3. Layla W
Boys' Relay Cup


Girls' Relay Cup


Overall Winning Ships
  1. Longhope
  2. Campbeltown
  3. Lizard
  4. Broughty Ferry