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Law House fundraising week raises more than £2,000 for Auditory Verbal

Law House fundraising week raises more than £2,000 for Auditory Verbal

Law House hosted the first Fundraising Week of our 900th anniversary year, putting on an unforgettable five days of events in aid of Auditory Verbal. Law Captains Alanna and Zu-An have kindly shared their thoughts on the week…

For Law House Fundraising 2024, we chose to raise money for Auditory Verbal, a charity that provides therapy to help maximise deaf children's auditory attention so that they can listen and understand spoken language and develop a listening attitude so that paying attention to the sound around them becomes automatic. Our very own Sixth Year pupil, Kate M provided the idea of this charity as she had personally been supported by them throughout her childhood. As an effort to raise awareness about deafness, we started every morning in assembly with a ‘sign of the day’ where a Transitus pupil came up on stage to sign a useful word or phrase to our Senior School community.

The week began with a an old favourite - 'Soak the Sixth Years'! Several of our S6 Law pupils faced a frenzy of freezing buckets of water for the entirety of breaktime, while, at lunch, Law House's 5th Year pupils planned and coordinated a ‘Gladiators’ assault course where pupils dodged, dunked and dug through a variety of obstacles.

During Tuesday interval, the hang bar challenge saw lots of pupils come into the Small Gym to display their strength. At lunch, there was the opportunity for pupils to come into the HFT classroom and decorate some love heart themed biscuits.

Wednesday saw Sixth Year pupils of all houses came together to support the hectic but popular waffles and bake sale. This was definitely a honeypot site with sweet-tooth pupils satisfying their urges! Following a very busy break we provided something calmer at lunchtime with the movie, ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’, before ramping the energy levels up again for a dodgeball contest that saw pupils face off against teams of teachers.

Thursday saw the return of the hang bar challenge, while Law's lunchtime House Show, 'The Weakest Link', saw pupils and teachers compete against each other to answer tricky general knowledge questions and avoid the ignominy of being eliminated!

The final day of fundraising saw our Sixth Year girls and boys going head-to-head in a hockey match at lunchtime where the boys gamely dodged, hit and ran with the ball... before losing 4-0! Congratulations to the triumphant girls' team.

At the end of a memorable fundraising week, we managed to raise a total of just over £2,220 which will go towards helping children learn to speak and listen through auditory verbal therapy.

Overall, this week brought laughter and enjoyment to many pupils and most importantly raised awareness for this very important and personal cause. This large amount of money we were able to raise through the generosity of pupils, parents and friends will help so many in such a significant way. Therefore, we wish to extend our gratitude to all those who helped and donated to such a worthwhile cause.

A big thank you to Mrs Peek and Mr MacGregor for their organisation, support and diligence in helping to plan and execute this unforgettable Law House Fundraising Week!