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Clyde House raises over £3,000 for Maggie’s

Clyde House raises over £3,000 for Maggie’s

The fourth and final House Fundraising Week was held by Clyde this session. Read on to hear from Clyde House Captains, Coryn M and Leo L…

Clyde chose to fundraise for Maggie’s this year. Several of the Clyde Committee visited our local centre in Gartnavel Hospital. This was an eye-opening experience which not only consolidated our choice but made us aware of all the different ways they help cancer patients and their families.

We managed to raise £3,056, an incredible amount we are very proud of. We ran a variety of activities throughout the week, this started with some hardy S6 Clyde House volunteers, as well as Miss Sutherland, being soaked with buckets of water - all for a good cause of course!

Given how close our fundraising week was to Easter, we had an Easter Egg Hunt on Monday and you could send an egg with a message to another pupil throughout the week. On Tuesday we had an unbelievable amount of baking to sell thanks to the efforts of Clyde pupils and their families. Lunchtime saw our first Clyde Carnival where pupils could go head to head against various Senior School pupils in activities including Connect Four, Beat the Goalie and a Putting Challenge.

Wednesday's dreaded Bleep Test saw several Clyde pupils take on Dr Hamilton, Mr Totten, Mrs Owen, Mrs de Groot, Miss McGillvery, Clyde’s own Mr McCarthy and the fastest teacher, who finished second overall, Mr Hunter. Congratulations to Calum P (S6) who was victorious!

Thursday saw a Teacher Rap Battle, hosted by the humorous Mr Campbell, who introduced our rival rappers. Three pairs of teachers competed against each other - Mrs Owen and Mr Gilies started proceedings with their competitive spirits from the PE Department clearly on show. Mr Ford and Mr Graham battled to see who was the "supreme line spitter” of SLT, before Miss Cranie and Mrs Evans showed that friendship lines could be blurred for the sake of victory and a good cause! The rap battle was a great success and provided much amusement for the crowd.

Friday saw the S6 boys vs girls Hockey rematch. While the boys had showed some improvement, sadly they still lost 3-1 - better luck next time, boys!

Lessons we learned while organising and running the Fundraising Week included the importance of communicating with each other to ensure the smooth running of the week. Delegation was also an important factor in making sure all S6 Clyde pupils (and some volunteers from other years) were involved.

In summary, Clyde's fundraising was a huge success and entertained pupils and staff. Our personal highlight was the rap battle - we both enjoyed watching the staff become extremely creative with their raps, potentially exposing some friendly rivalries!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated and got involved: from baking for the cake and candy, to coming along to support the rap battle. We also want to thank our awesome House staff, Miss Sutherland and Mr McCarthy, who not only took part but also supported us throughout the entire week. Thank you!