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The High School of Glasgow

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Outdoor Education

Image of Kindergarten boy playing with telephone outdoors

Active outdoor learning is a fundamental element of life within our Kindergarten setting.

Two Kindergarten boys, one in the foreground with mud on his face.
Two Kindergarten girls sniffing vibrant pink flowers.
Two Kindergarten boys picking flowers in the Junior School garden space.
Two Kindergarten girls peaking out from behind a tree, with a tall wooden fence in the background and a child hiding her face
A Kindergarten child playing with a toy in the Junior School outdoor learning area.
Two Kindergarten girls, hand in hand, walking in to the Junior School outdoor learning area.
A Kindergarten boy pouring water into a water maze attached to the fence at the Junior School.
A Kindergarten girl hidden behind the branches of a tree in the Junior School outdoor area.
A group of Kindergarten children, wearing colourful wellington boots, posing for a photo underneath a canopy
A Kindergarten pupil with a big smile on his face, in amongst the branches of a tree in the Junior School outdoor space.
Three Kindergarten girls wearing wellies, wooly hats and waterproofs, holding bowls and smiling for the camera.
Two Kindergarten girls playing in the outdoor kitchen.

Bringing The Outdoors In

Our children enjoy plentiful outdoor space in their two dedicated and spacious play areas, sitting alongside two further playgrounds for Junior School children.

Both our Kindergarten and Junior School children have access to the newly renovated Trim Trail, while our Secret Garden is filled with trees to climb and exciting spaces to discover, with our young learners free to investigate and explore their surroundings.

Our children are encouraged to participate in active outdoor learning every day, making use of our bespoke indoor/outdoor play areas and using natural materials as stimuli to foster a greater understanding of nature and the world around them.

The aim of our outdoor play is not to replace, but to enhance and enrich the curriculum, making learning fun, meaningful and relevant.

We believe that there is no such thing as bad weather! We play outdoors daily, come wind, rain or shine, discovering how different weather conditions can affect the natural environment around us.

Our children are encouraged to become their own risk assessors, ensuring that their surroundings are safe and secure to play in each day. We enable children to investigate and explore risk in a controlled environment, allowing them to develop an understanding of their own abilities, build upon their resilience and aid their physical development.

Where Next?

Play Based Learning


Delivering play based learning experiences that stimulate curiosity, resilience and independence.

Play Based Learning

Playrooms and Facilities


Stimulating environments that foster a love of learning and an instinct to investigate and discover.

Playrooms & Facilities

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Important information about our Kindergarten including opening times, funding and our Wraparound Care service.

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