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Pastoral Care

Our school puts physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront of its day-to-day running.

Pastoral care at our Junior School is based around a strong House system, highlighted through four ‘ships’.

Our House system is underpinned by school values that encourage each and every member of our community to have and show respect for one another, to embrace a spirited sense of competition and to ensure everyone is happy, welcomed and cared for.



Junior School pupils are assigned to one of our four 'Ships' - Broughty Ferry, Campbeltown, Lizard or Longhope.

Each Ship has a committee that brings pupils together through organised events, while our 'shipmates' work as a team to gain House points throughout the year, as well as having the chance to lead assemblies and help raise money for charity.

In recent years, the introduction of engaging social events such as the Ships’ Quiz and Ships’ Lunch has helped to add to the 'family feel' of being part of a Ship. We want all of our children to feel like they have a home away from home whilst attending our school!

At the end of each session the efforts of our pupils are rewarded with the members of the winning Ship receiving a special treat!

Chill Out


Our leader of Junior School pastoral care, Mrs Morrans, created the 'Chill Out Zone' for pupils in need of a moment of solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the school day.

Whether a pupil is struggling with a personal issue, are in need of some time away from the noise of the playground or just feel like talking to a teacher, our Chill Out Zone provides a private and comfortable haven for those who may need it.

Mrs Morrans and our team of trained pastoral specialists are on hand to discuss any issues with pupils and families that may arise, both inside and outside the classroom. No matter the problem, our team are here to help, to develop a plan and provide the support required.

In 2020, our Junior School embarked on an exciting new health and wellbeing initiative by forming a partnership with the Purple House Clinic.

The partnership has enhanced the School's wellbeing provision by providing professional mental health support to pupils, as well as giving staff the tools to help assist children in times of need. The arrangement has allowed us to introduce specialist care providers from the clinic into the school setting once a week, helping to support the pupil experience, train staff and work with teachers and small groups of pupils to provide relevant therapeutic support.

Purple House Clinic are a team of Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and Psychiatrists who provide services for adults and children, including addressing mental health difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities and behavioural difficulties.