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Pupils acquire educational excellence at our Junior School, working within an ambitious, nurturing and highly productive environment.

Key Learning


Developing Strong Foundations

Our teaching methods and curriculum are continuously evolving but our primary aim remains constant - to give pupils memorable experiences and help them to build firm foundations for their future lives.

We foster good habits in children from the very first day they walk through the doors of our School, namely, that of perseverance, resilience, confidence and compassion for others.

Discovering and Developing Potential

Every child in our care is treated as an individual. We know and understand every child; their strengths and weaknesses, passions and goals.

We offer high-quality education and opportunities that stand learners in good stead for the future, with our dedicated team of educators providing every child with the tools to achieve at the highest level.

Widening Horizons

From Kindergarten, our pupils have access to specialist teaching in a number of subjects including Drama, French, Music and Physical Education. Art and Computing are part of the Junior School curriculum from Junior 1 while children are taught by a Computing Teacher from Junior 5 onwards.

The introduction of these subjects from an early age allows our children to develop their all-round skills, alight their passions and increase their confidence and self-belief.

Pupil-Led Learning

The interests and needs of our pupils are at the heart of everything we do. Each child is unique, and this is reflected in their learning experiences. Our teachers take the lead from their class as to the direction that topics, stories and projects go, allowing pupils to feel empowered in their learning.

When pupils are actively engaged and can see how the topics they study impact the world they live in, their motivation, output and attainment is improved.

Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Achieve

Our focus on attention for the individual is central to pupil success. Restricted class sizes allow our teachers to work closely with all children and focus on their individual needs. With classes not exceeding 24 pupils, our teachers ensure that pupils are at the heart of everything they do. We make sure that each and every one of our pupils are ready and able to make the transition to Senior School life.

Junior Years

Junior School

Children enjoy six years within our Junior School setting before spending their Primary 7 year, known as 'Transitus', at the Senior School.

Junior Years

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Digital Learning

Junior School

An early introduction to digital technology for our youngest learners.

Digital Learning

Support For Learning

Junior School

Providing guidance to those in need and ensuring children are supported to reach their full potential.

Support for Learning

Library Sessions

Junior School

Encouraging a love of reading within our well-resourced Library.

Library Sessions