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Junior School

The High School of Glasgow Junior School is a special place in which each and every child is provided with a first-class education, incredible opportunities and experiences. We make learning memorable, every single day.

The High School of Glasgow Junior School provides a truly special environment for children to learn in. Imagination knows no limits here as we foster curiosity, creativity and exploration from day one.

We are passionate about what we teach and how we teach it. Our experienced class teachers and subject specialists provide memorable learning during these formative developmental years. We prepare firm foundation for progression, ensuring the best start in life, instilling a sense of lifelong learning and unlocking inner confidence as our pupils conquer new skills.

The School’s family feel creates an environment that encourages ambition, giving pupils the courage to develop their passions from a young age. We nurture our children’s inquisitive nature, helping them to think critically and independently in order to solve problems both in and outwith the classroom.

Our staff care for your children and they care about you! Our strong focus on pastoral care means that they go on the journey with you and your child, from Kindergarten, through Junior School, and all the way on to Senior School.

It is a privilege to watch our children grow, discovering who they are as they advance through our Junior School and prepare for the next step in life."

Heather Fuller
Head Teacher of the Junior School

We offer educational excellence and ambition within a nurturing environment. Care and compassion is at the heart of everything we do!

Our thoughtful pastoral care offering is based around a strong House system known as 'Ships' at the Junior School, ensuring a warm and compassionate environment in which children flourish. We treat every child as an individual, learning their interests and passions in order to equip them with the tools to succeed.

Our pupils learn to think critically and independently, becoming good listeners and outstanding orators - socially aware citizens with a global outlook, ready to move with confidence and ease into Senior School life.

Experienced classroom teachers are supported by specialist teachers in Art, Computing, Drama, Music, Languages and Physical Education, building confidence amongst our children as they push themselves out of their comfort zones by trying their hand at ever more complex skills.

Junior School

At a glance

Located in Bearsden, close to transport routes that link to our Senior School and Glasgow city centre

Small class sizes, allowing teachers to closely cater for the individual needs of each child

Flexible post-school childcare delivered by our dedicated Out of School Care team

An exciting offering of extra-curricular opportunities to engage the interests of all pupils


Junior School

Educational excellence within an ambitious and nurturing environment.



Junior School

Participation is key to life at our School.


Pastoral Care

Junior School

Putting mental and physical wellbeing at the forefront of our pupils' daily lives.


Out of School Care

Junior School

Offering additional childcare beyond the end of the school day to meet the needs of busy parents



Junior School

A well-resourced, unique and inspiring learning environment in the heart of Bearsden.


Useful Information

Junior School

All you need to know about our Junior School.


I watched my child turn from a shy child at 3 years old, to a child brimming with self-confidence, achieving academically and leaving school as a well-rounded adult, with the world at her feet!

My daughter was encouraged and guided by excellent teachers in the Junior School, providing not only highly experienced academic guidance but caring for her interests and helping her discover new talents and strengths."

Current Junior and
Senior School Parent

Junior School Life

Commemoration and Thanksgiving 2021

Our annual service took on a different form this year, with a limited number of guests welcomed to Glasgow Cathedral to celebrate the history of our school on Thursday 23rd September.

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Senior School Assembly Hall