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Out of School Care

Enriching the lives of our young learners each day at our Junior School in Bearsden.

Our Out of School Care service provides flexible childcare each and every day throughout the session, from 3:05 until 6:00pm, for Junior 1 to Junior 6 children.

During school holidays, we have a link with ‘Summer in the City’ who run holiday camps at our Anniesland campus for children aged 4-13. Further information can be found at

Children have the opportunity to partake in a programme of activities including indoor and outdoor sporting activities, craft work, games, puzzles and countless more activities - all organised by our passionate child care staff.

High Flyers Club Vision

We provide a happy and supportive environment in which children and staff value one another, working together to create a happy childcare service.

We value diversity and promote an atmosphere of integrity, fairness and mutual respect, as well as having effective home and school links to enable us all to work in partnership.

A high standard of discipline is expected with the school placing an emphasis on promoting positive behaviour.

High Flyers Club Aims

  • To provide a welcoming and flexible service in which children are inspired, creative and encouraged to flourish.
  • To promote positive friendships among children of different ages and year groups and give them the option to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To provide child-led, appropriate activities, both indoors and out, that promote the development of self-respect, awareness of others and independence.
  • To create a nurturing atmosphere, establishing positive relationships between staff, children and parents, as well as fostering links with the wider community.
  • To provide a quality of service that is maintained and improved through regular monitoring and constant evaluation.

High Flyers Club Activities

Our children are given the opportunity to participate in both outdoor and indoor activities. Although the weather can be very unpredictable and inclement, they are encouraged to engage in active outdoor learning whenever possible.

In the playground, children are provided with ample equipment to take part in a wide range of fun games and activities, from ball games, hopscotch and skipping in the playground, to testing themselves on our climbing wall!

A structured programme of indoor activities include baking, clay modelling and craft work, while our younger children might want to get involved in imaginative play including the use of puppets, dress-up costumes and playing in our 'house corner'.

Our children are given the opportunity to do their homework or browse the wide selection of books available in the 'library corner', while the more active might choose to enjoy a game of table tennis with their friends. Our service also provides a wide range of board games, puzzles and construction materials, enough to keep all of our young learners busy and engaged.


Term Time Booking Regular Booking Cost Flexible Booking Cost Late and On The Day Booking Fee
Session 1 (3:05-4:30pm) £8.75 £9.75 + £2.50 per session
Session 2 (4:30-6:00pm) £8.75 £9.75 + £2.50 per session

Session One (3:05 - 4:30pm)
Pupils arriving for this session are offered a healthy snack, can take part in any of our activities or may opt to do their homework. Please note, any homework completed at 'The High Flyers’ Club' should always be checked at home!

Session Two (4:30 - 6:00pm)
Children can continue to participate in the variety of indoor and outdoor activities and will also be offered a further snack if they are still hungry.

Those booking a space within our Out of School Care service will be issued with an invoice at the end of each month, with payment collected two weeks later by direct debit.

Any flexible booking requests received after 5:00pm for the next day’s care will be subject to a surcharge of £2:50 per session. This process also applies to regular users who wish to book additional sessions.

Anyone intending to use Childcare vouchers to pay for all or part of our Out of School Care sessions should speak to the Bursar’s Office at the Senior School (0141 954 9628) for further information.


If a child cannot attend, it is essential that their booking is cancelled. This can be done via email ( or by phoning the Junior School Office.

Please note there will be no refunds for absences or cancellations and no reduction in charges for early collection during a particular session.

Any change to a regular booking requires one month’s notice.

Any change or cancellation of a flexible booking requires 48 hours’ notice.

In the event of school closure due to exceptionally severe weather, no refund will be made for any sessions during this period of closure. If the school remains open during less severe weather and a parent chooses not to bring the pupil in the interest of health and safety, the normal cancellation policy applies.

Collection Procedures

Parents picking up children from The High Flyers’ Club should enter via the main pupil entrance. Parking is permitted after 4:00pm in the main car park for pick-up purposes.

We cannot release a child into the care of an unauthorised person. Therefore, if someone other than a parent or guardian is collecting a pupil, The High Flyers’ staff must be notified in advance. Parents may nominate up to four people who they are happy to allow their child to be collected by. In order to specify there individuals, a 'Nominated Persons Collection Form' can be downloaded from the parent portal or collected from our Junior School office.

We also have a Change to Collection Diary where parents can log changes to collection arrangements on a daily basis (eg. play date, emergency pick-up, etc).

Medical Information

All child medication needs must be discussed with our staff.

Prescribed drugs will be given at the discretion of the school. A 'Medication Permission Form' must be completed by a parent or carer to allow medicines to be administered during school hours.

If your child becomes unwell whilst in our care, either the parent or emergency contact will be notified. If an accident occurs which requires first aid, children will be treated by a qualified first aider.

Infectious Diseases

Children with infectious diseases should not attend our service. In cases of sickness and diarrhoea, your child must be clear of symptoms for two full days before they can return.

Minor Accidents or Upsets

Parents will be notified by telephone, or at the time of collection, of any incidents or minor accidents. Parents will be asked to sign an 'Accident Form' or 'Incident Form', noting any action taken by our staff.

In accordance with 'Care Inspectorate guidance, Management of medication in daycare of children and child-minding services', we are no longer allowed to purchase or keep a stock of medicines for communal use in case a child in our care displays symptoms of a minor ailment or allergy. For any child who attends and has a minor ailment or allergy that parents would like us to treat, it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to provide the medication and written consent for it to be given. Such medicines would include paracetamol (Calpol), ibuprofen and chlorphenamine (piriton).


In order to make use of The High Flyers’ Club, parents are required to complete the following:

  • 'Registration Form'
  • 'Regular Booking Form' / 'Flexible Booking Form'
  • 'Nominated Persons collection Form' (if required)

Forms can be downloaded from our Parent Portal or are available from the Junior School office. Completed forms should be returned to the office or emailed to

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Pupils attending The High Flyers’ Club can participate in Junior School extra-curricular clubs which usually run from 3:15 to 4:15pm. Pupils attending any of the extra-curricular clubs should be booked in to The High Flyers’ Club from 3:15pm.

Following conclusion of the club, Junior 1 and 2 pupils will be collected by a member of our staff, while Junior 3-6 pupils will be expected to make their own way to Out of School Care.

Waiting List

If a waiting list arises due to demand, regular users will be given priority, followed by other requests, on a first come, first-served basis.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have anything to ask.

27 Ledcameroch Road
G61 4AE

Phone: 0141 942 0158 (between 12:00 - 6:00pm)

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