What's on Today: Hockey: 1st XI, 2nd XI, 1st Yr A (A); 3rd Yr A & B, 2nd Yr A & C, 1st Yr B, Trans A & B (H) v Jordanhill School; 3rd XI, 2nd Yr B (A) v Fernhill School

About the Senior School

The Senior School follows a curriculum designed to challenge and stimulate pupils, to offer a broad, balanced education without excessive specialisation and to provide an academic framework which allows pupils to develop their individual strengths.

In Transitus, First and Second Years, pupils follow a common course which includes a wide range of subjects and time is allocated to Personal and Social Education, Physical Education and Religious Education in each year group.

In Third Year courses, leading to Scottish Qualifications Authority examinations being introduced, pupils have a considerable choice of subjects, although English, Mathematics, a foreign language, a science subject and a social science must be included. SQA Higher Examinations are taken in Fifth Year and normally pupils take five subjects from the many on offer.

Throughout the School pupils have ready access to computers. Each Senior School pupil also has a minimum of three periods per week devoted to Physical Education, including a games afternoon.

In Sixth Year, Advanced Highers are offered and these courses, with their emphasis on independent study, form a bridge between school and university and are an ideal preparation for university life.

Additional Higher subjects may also be taken along with a selection of National Certificate Modules. Sixth Year pupils make a valuable contribution to the life of the School by running clubs for younger pupils, taking responsibility within the House System and sharing, as prefects, in the day-to-day running of the School.

They invariably benefit considerably from these exciting and challenging experiences. While most pupils go on to Scottish universities, significant numbers regularly gain places at Oxford, Cambridge and other UK universities.